Insel Air can request a new ‘Air Operator Certificate’

February 15th 2019

Willemstad – The Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) hereby announces that the ‘Air Operator Certificate (AOC)’ of Insel Air expires on 16 February 2019. Insel Air can request a new AOC as soon as possible and CCAA will process the application as quickly as possible.

What is an AOC?

On behalf of the Minister, CCAA issues an Air Operator Certificate to an airline in order for it to operate as a commercial airline. The AOC confirms that the air carrier complies with all international and national requirements and guarantees a safe operation.

The process to receive an AOC

The company must go through an extensive certification process in accordance with article 10 of the Aviation Ordinance and the Ministerial Regulation Further regulations for the supervision of aviation Civil Aviation Regulations Part 9. CCAA assesses the application on the basis of the requirements for an ACO.

The AOC of Insel Air

The AOC of Insel Air expires on February 16, 2019. In the application for a new AOC, Insel Air must send all necessary documents and information so that CCAA can process the application. Investors will meet with Insel Air to consider the next steps. CCAA will provide all support and cooperation needed in order to issue a new certificate to Insel Air.

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